Are you looking for a top quality dressage horse? A talent with a solid education? A future international topper? With advice from international top riders? Then you should not miss Excellent Dressage Sales, the auction where the quality of the dressage horses is unmistakably number 1.

The organization is in the hands of a successful team from the international dressage world: Joop van Uytert, Nico Witte, Tim Coomans and Joep Schellekens. This foursome has proven to be able to breed, manage and train horses to become international top dressage horses.

If you want more information, please feel free to take a look at the website: www.excellentdressagesales.com

For further information, please contact the EDS team at the following phone numbers:

Tim Coomans: 06 – 53 36 78 39
Joep Schellekens: 06 – 26 36 01 96
Joop van Uytert: 06 – 53 22 42 71
Nico Witte: 06 – 2252 07 37