TC Dutch Sporthorses has breeding mares with excellent bloodlines that provide strong and well moving foals. The mares and foals have spacious running stables and have the best care.

Because of the performance of Tim Coomans as a breeder he has been named Breeder of the Year in 2012!

Coming soon: Schedule with breeding mares and from which stallion they are in foal.

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Many offspring from our own breeding run or were successful in the dressage sport. TC Dutch Sporthorses has also played an important role in the training of a large number of horses to become a top dressage horse. Below you will find some of the horses that are bred or trained at TC Dutch Sporthorses:

Hans Peter Minderhoud met Dream Boy

Horses bred by Tim Coomans:

  • Glock’s Dream Boy N.O.P. (Vivaldi x Ferro) is one of Tim’s most famous breeding products. He runs very successfully under Hans Peter Minderhoud and has seen almost all major competitions. Dream Boy would even appear at the Olympics which have been postponed because of Corona. However, he has already shone on many other stages. Dream Boy is also very successful in breeding. He has produced several approved sons and champion mares.
  • Great Lady TC (Bretton Woods x Osmium) is one of the top horses of our stalamazone Jeanine Nieuwenhuis. Great Lady is successful in the U25 and shows a lot of talent for a future as a Grand Prix horse. (co-owner: E. Reijnders)
  • Cheatodon (Vic x Governor) runs under Isabel Cool and has achieved many successes, including two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) the gold medal in the BK Diamond Cup (Middle Tour).
  • TC Washington (Polansky x Contango) competed under Jessica Buying, who was a stable rider at TC Dutch Sporthorses successful ZZ-Zwaar and later on Washington shone under Geert-Jan Raateland in the Middle Tour.
Jeanine Nieuwenhuis en TC Athene

Horses that have had their training at TC Dutch Sporthorses:

  • TC Athene (United x Jazz) is the king of the stable at TC Dutch Sporthorses. He is ridden by Jeanine Nieuwenhuis. In 2020 they won a gold and two silver medals at their last U25 European Championships. Jeanine has also won the first victory in the Seniors class with Athens.
  • Esperanza (Desperados FRH x Krack C) is the top horse of Jasmine de Koeyer. She has ridden several European Championships with Esperanza and is currently an A-Class member in the U25.
  • Brother de Jeu (Voice x Jazz) is ridden by Antonia Ramel at Grand Prix level. She was with him in the Swedish Team during the Rotterdam European Championships in 2019. Brother de Jeu has been bought by Antonia at the EDS.
  • TC Ravel (Contango x Democraat) competed under Steffen Peters in 2008 at the Olympic Games in Hong Kong. (Hoof beat article: TC Ravel)
  • Lancet (Wenzel I x Shogun XX) ran under Imke Schellekens-Bartels at the Olympic Games in 2004.