Blue Horse Monte Carlo TC; best of KWPN Stallion Performance Test

Blue Horse Monte Carlo TC, our own breeding product turned out to be the topper of KWPN Stallion Show.

Monte Carlo TC has been co-owned for a long time with Joop van Uytert and Nico Witte, who partly bought the horse as a foal in the EDS. After Monte Carlo TC became premium stallion he was sold for half to Blue Horse.

Blue Horse Monte Carlo TC then became Reserve Champion of the Dressage Stallions at the KWPN with a great score of 88 points, half a point less than the Champion.

Official KWPN Research Report Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC:

Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC is an honest and reliable stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion has a lot of willingness to work and is well behaved. The step is very branchy, active, moving, very good of space with a good suppleness. The trot has a lot of power and imprint, is good of space with a good front leg technique, the hind leg is good to carry. The canter is uphill with a very good power, power and space and a good balance. Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC moves with a good posture, a lot of balance and a lot of suppleness. As a dressage horse Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC has a lot of talent and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Step 9.0 / Trot 8.5 / Canter 9.0 / Suppleness 8.5 / Stance & Balance 8.5 / Ridability & Adjustment 9.0 / Fitness as a dressage horse 9.0 / Total 88.0 pnt.

Monte Carlo was not only successful at the KWPN Hengestenkeuring, but also at the Danish Hengestenkeuring and 14-day test he excelled.

Here Blue Horse Monte Carlo TC received a 10 for the interior, an 8 for the step, a 9 for the trot, canter and rittigkeit (jury) and an 8.5 for the rittigkeit of the guest rider.

Blue Horse Monte Carlo TC is available atĀ Hengstenstation Van Uytert.